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Yellow sunshine leather collar

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Exclusive handmade leather collars for your dog, add a removable fancy bow tie. Side A is Yellow Sunshine leather and Side B is Classic Cinnamon leather (not visible when your pet is wearing it).


-Locally sourced leather.

-Nickel buckle and rivets.

-Handmade by skilled artisans.


Collar size in inches:

XS: length from 6'' to 9'' inches and width 0.75'' inches (chihuahua, yorkshire terrier, etc)

S: length from 9'' to 13'' inches and width 0.75'' inches (schnauzer, jack russell, shih tzu, maltese, etc)

M: length from 12'' to 17'' inches and width 1'' inches (corgi, beagle, french bulldog, pug, etc)

L: length from 17'' to 21'' inches and width 1'' inches (golden retriever, german shepherd, weimaraner, etc)

XL: length from 20'' to 25'' inches and width 1'' inches (great dane, saint bernard, etc)


Exceptional, really nice and good looking collars for any size of dog!
Your dog will be spectacular, with your purchase you support artisans in Central America. All pieces are handmade by really skilled artisans. We know you want to be noticed and always be remembered for giving the best to your pet. Major comfort and durability. The perfect accessory for your pet.

What's in the box?

A unique unboxing experience, the perfect collar for your pet, add a removable bow tie.